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Measure & Monitor SEO

There are many tools available to help you measure your website’s SEO performance, including Google Search Console. These tools can help you understand how robots are crawling, indexing, and ranking your website and also identify technical clean-up opportunities. The resources below will help you learn how to use these tools and what metrics are the most important to measure.

Best Chrome Extensions to Help Improve Technical SEO Tasks

What are the best Google Chrome extensions to make your technical SEO work easier? In this post, Matthew reviews the 10 most helpful Chrome extensions.

Measuring Speed: WebPageTest

WebPageTest offers many different features and is one of the most helpful tools for measuring website speed. This guide walks through some of the most helpful reports to use.

Measure Speed in GA4

How do you measure speed in GA4? In this article, learn how to setup custom events to monitor Core Web Vitals and other important speed metrics.

View Viewport or Browser Size in GA4

One key metric to understand how people use your website is the size of a visitor’s browser.

Testing & Evaluating Usability to Identify Technical SEO Issues

Technical SEO is about more than search rankings. It is about making the website better for users. Learn how to identify tech SEO issues with usability testing.

Using Log File Analysis To Improve Your SEO Performance

You have to understand how Google’s bots are understanding and crawling through your website. Learn what log files are and how you can start analyzing your website’s log files to improve your SEO performance.

Measuring Unknown Traffic with UTM Parameters

UTM tracking parameters can help you better understand the sources driving traffic to your website, as well as better understand the value of redirects. In this article, we’ll review: Why Should You Use UTM Tracking Parameters? It can be difficult to track certain types of marketing. By default, analytics tools will report on specific channels, […]

View Screen Resolution Report in GA4

Reviewing screen resolution reports can also help you improve engagement and conversion rates.

Server-side Analytics vs Client-side Analytics

What are server-side and client-side analytics? Should you use server-side or client-side analytics to measure your website’s performance? In this article, we’ll review the pros and cons of both types of tracking.

Recommended Quarterly Technical SEO Tasks

The technical side of SEO matters to all websites. These are the top 5 technical factors that need to be checked to improve SEO performance.

Learn Google Search Console

Learn how to set up and use Google Search Console to monitor your website’s SEO performance using the free videos provided below. If you have any questions or need help using Google Search Console, please contact me. How to Use Google Search Console Add a Property – Domain or Prefix Coverage Reports Performance Reports Inspect […]