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The primary goal for SEO is getting your website to rank highly in relevant search results. You want to make sure your website’s rankings look interesting and compelling so that people want to click to your website instead of your competitor’s website. The resources below will help you find technical fixes that will improve your rankings and your overall SEO performance.

The Risks Of Redesigning A Website

Website redesigns come with a risk of losing traffic, rankings, and conversions. How can you avoid these risks with your redesign?

What is Core Web Vitals?

What are Google’s Core Web Vitals metrics? How can these affect your website’s performance? How do you optimize your website?

Review & Rating Schema

How do you add Simple Review and Aggregate Rating schema to your website? If you do, how will this change your website’s search results?

Breadcrumbs & Breadcrumb Schema

Do you need to use breadcrumb navigation on your website? If you do, should you mark it up with breadcrumb schema? In this article, we’ll discuss the best ways to approach those questions.

How Speed Affects SEO

On websites, faster is better. Each page of your website should load into the visitor’s browser as quickly as possible that way as people navigate through your website.

Mobile SEO: Google’s Mobile Usability Factors

What are Google’s mobile usability factors? How do you make sure your website is meeting those factors? Find out the guidelines to follow in this free guide.

Information Foraging: Engagement & Conversion Optimization

As you optimize your website’s content, learn why to think of visitors to your website as lazy hunters looking for prey.

5 Ways to Decrease Website Load Time

How do you make your website load faster? Learn about the top five ways to improve your website speed.

SEO Structured Data: What Is Schema?

Schema markup offers a way to structure information contained on websites.

How Do People Perceive A Website’s Speed?

We all know our websites should load fast. But, how fast is “fast”? To find out, we asked over two thousand people to describe how fast they thought the website loaded.