Learn Technical SEO

Technical SEO (and technical web marketing more broadly) is the process of using your website’s code and server configuration to improve the way search engine robots, other automated services, and your human visitors interact with and perceive your website. This includes making the website more accessible, easier to navigate, and easier to understand. By improving your website’s technical structure, you can earn higher rankings in search results, drive more traffic to your website, and increase your conversion rates.

Technical SEO Factors

The three main goals of technical SEO are making your website and your website’s content findable, ensuring robots can access and crawl the content once found, and, after they’ve crawled through your website, that robots can understand the content your website provides. The better you do these things, the better your chances robots will understand your website and be able to rank your website for the correct search results. While there are many aspects to each, here are a few guides about some of the key technical SEO tactics.

Tech SEO Guide

Tech SEO Guide provides a reference for marketers, developers and programmers about various technical SEO factors, including: crawling and indexing, URL and domain structure, sitemaps, error handling, and redirects. This book is intended to be your go-to resource to understand how to improve your website’s technical structure and earn higher search rankings. Buy on Amazon.

Learn Technical SEO Online Course

Want to learn more about technical SEO? In our Tech SEO Fundamentals course, you will learn about the fundamentals of technical SEO, including duplicate content, XML sitemaps, robot controls, error handling, and more. 


How To Find & Fix 404 Errors On Your Website

How do you find the 404 errors on your website? Once found, how do you fix the 404 errors? What tools can help? Find out in this in-depth 404 guide!

Using Log File Analysis To Improve Your SEO Performance

You have to understand how Google’s bots are understanding and crawling through your website. Learn what log files are and how you can start analyzing your website’s log files to improve your SEO performance.

How To Find & Fix Duplicated Content

Put simply: Duplicate content confuses both human and robot visitors. Let’s walk through how we deal with duplicated content: locating, evaluating, and resolving.

How Do People Perceive A Website’s Speed?

We all know our websites should load fast. But, how fast is “fast”? To find out, we asked over two thousand people to describe how fast they thought the website loaded.

Crafting Delightful Broken Experiences

Like it or not, technology isn’t perfect. We need to create friendly and helpful errors that give people who reach an error the ability to recover from that error.

Examples of Website Navigation Best Practices

The implementation of website navigation best practices is vital for users to understand your website. Honest reviews of 8 companies’ website navigation have been provided as examples.