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Technical SEO Resources

Technical SEO, or tech SEO, is the ongoing process of optimizing your website’s code and server configuration to improve how search engine robots crawlindex, and rank your website.

This begins by making sure your website and your website’s content can be found by search engine robots. Once found, you want to make sure robots can understand your website’s content. You also want to make sure your website does not suffer from quality issues, like excessive errors or low-quality content, that make it harder for robots to crawl and understand your website.

By improving your website’s technical structure, you can earn higher rankings in search results and drive more traffic to your website. As an added benefit, the technical improvements made also help the people visiting your website. That’s why technical SEO improvement also increases website engagement and conversion rates.

Technical SEO Factors

There are many aspects to technical SEO. However, technical SEO doesn’t need to be hard or overwhelming. Everybody working on a website needs to be involved to improve the website’s quality. I regularly write articles about some of the key technical SEO factors and the harder tech SEO questions. Contact me with other questions you’d like me to address.

Tech SEO Foundational Concepts

Also check out my book, Tech SEO Guide, which provides a reference for all aspects of technical SEO.

Crawling & Rendering



Website Speed

Also check out my book, Speed Metrics Guide, for a guide to the most important metrics.

Generative AI / Search Generative Experience

Measure SEO Performance

Advanced Tech SEO Topics 

Technical SEO Services

I am a partner and technical SEO consultant at Elementive. At Elementive, we help clients find and fix technical SEO problems. We offer training, audits, ongoing support, and one-time consultation. Learn more about our services or contact me today for help.

Additional Resources from Matthew

Tech SEO Guide: My book, Tech SEO Guide helps you understand how to improve your website’s technical structure. Fully updated and published by Apress in 2023, this book provides a reference for marketers, developers, programmers, designers, and more about the key technical SEO factors, including crawling and indexing, URL and domain structure, sitemaps, error handling, mobile-friendliness, schema, redirects, speed and Core Web Vitals, content structure and more.

Speed Metrics Guide: Speed Metrics Guide explains the key speed metrics you need to use to understand your website’s speed, including Google’s Core Web Vitals. Published by Apress in 2024, this book is written for everybody involved when evaluating their website’s performance and determining how to improve your website’s load time.

Tech SEO Fundamentals: My Tech SEO Fundamentals course will help you master critical SEO elements. Learn to tackle duplicate content issues, optimize URL structures, guide search robots effectively, enhance site speed, fix errors, manage XML sitemaps, and leverage Schema markup for better rankings in Google.

Follow me on LinkedIn: You can follow me on LinkedIn. I regularly share tips, tricks, and news related to technical SEO.