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Faster websites perform better. Slower speeds can make it harder for Google to crawl a website, which will harm the website’s ability to rank in search results. As well, websites that meet Google’s Core Web Vitals thresholds can get a boost in rankings, especially on competitive search results. Along with the SEO benefits, faster websites provide a smoother and more enjoyable user experience. That leads to increased engagement and conversions. The resources below walk through different aspects of improving website’s speed and measuring your website’s performance.

What is Core Web Vitals?

What are Google’s Core Web Vitals metrics? How can these affect your website’s performance? How do you optimize your website?

Do Redirects Impact Your Website’s Speed?

Yes, redirects do add to a website’s speed. There are two ways redirects can affect speed: by adding to the server overhead or by delaying the load of the final destination page. Discover the data-driven conclusion.

5 Ways to Decrease Website Load Time

How do you make your website load faster? Learn about the top five ways to improve your website speed.

Measuring Core Web Vitals: PageSpeed Insights & CrUX

Google provides different tools to monitor Core Web Vitals. What are those tools and how do you use them?

Measuring Website Speed: 5 Helpful Speed Testing Tools

What are the simplest, free tools available to measure your website’s speed? Matthew reviews five of the most helpful tools available.

Measuring Speed: WebPageTest

WebPageTest offers many different features and is one of the most helpful tools for measuring website speed. This guide walks through some of the most helpful reports to use.

Key Speed Metrics: Metrics to Use When Measuring Speed

The first step to addressing your website’s speed is knowing how long it takes your website to load. Which metrics should you use? In this article, Matthew reviews the key speed metrics.

Measure Speed in GA4

How do you measure speed in GA4? In this article, learn how to setup custom events to monitor Core Web Vitals and other important speed metrics.

How Do People Perceive A Website’s Speed?

We all know our websites should load fast. But, how fast is “fast”? To find out, we asked over two thousand people to describe how fast they thought the website loaded.