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What Are Generative AI Hallucinations?

One of the biggest problems with generative AI responses is hallucinations. What are hallucinations? Why do they happen? More importantly, as generative AI starts to dominate search results, how do we factor hallucinations into our future SEO strategies?

Will People Click Links in SGE Results?

Will people click links in SGE results? How many clicks could we lose with SGE rolling out? We conducted an in-depth study to find out.

Understanding Prompt Types

How do we optimize for prompts and make sure our companies show up in generative AI search responses? How is this different than optimizing for search queries? It begins by understanding what types of prompts people use.

Google Search Console: Page Indexing Report

Is Google indexing every page on your website? If not, why not? To answer these questions, you need to use the Page Indexing Report in Google Search Console. Find out how to use and understand this report.

Search Intents & Generative AI

How will SGE change SEO? It likely depends on the search query intent. Learn how to adapt your SEO strategy and prepare for SGE.

What Is Information Seeking?

At the most basic level, generative AI and websites are both tools that help people seek information. How do we describe information seeking and based on that description, how do we compare generative AI tools and websites?

How Generative AI Changes Information Seeking

How does search powered by Generative AI change the process of seeking out information? What does that mean for SEO? What does that mean for websites?

Generative AI vs. Traditional Search: Technical Differences

Increasingly, Google and Bing are including responses from generative AI tools in search results. What makes generative AI different from traditional search?

How to Check HTTP Response Status Codes

Every page on every website returns an HTTP response status code. How do you check the status code for your website’s pages? What tools can you use to test status codes? What do the status codes mean?

How To Fix 404 Errors On Your Website

How do you find the 404 errors on your website? Once found, how do you fix the 404 errors? What tools can help? Find out in this in-depth 404 guide!

Noindex vs. Nofollow vs. Disallow

Are you confused about the difference between noindex, nofollow and disallow commands? All three are powerful tools to use to improve a website’s organic search performance, but each has unique situations where they are appropriate to apply.

Unhelpful and Low-Quality Content

How do you address unhelpful, duplicate, outdated, and other forms of low-quality content?