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Matthew Edgar’s Books

Elements of a Successful Website

At a loss as to how to improve your website? No matter what industry you’re in, this book from Matthew Edgar will help you achieve your website’s goals with a few simple changes. Learn more about Elements of a Successful Website or purchase today in paperback or on Kindle.



Tech SEO Guide

Tech SEO Guide provides a reference for marketers, developers and programmers who know their website (or their client’s website) needs a good tech SEO cleanup but aren’t exactly sure how to do it. This step-by-step guide will help you address technical SEO issues on your website.



About the Author: Matthew Edgar

Matthew Edgar is a web-analytics, conversion-optimization, and technical SEO consultant at Elementive, a business he co-founded in 2014. Since 2001, Edgar has worked as a developer and marketer, giving him unique insight into growing and improving websites. He’s a specialist in digital marketing who has applied these concepts in the real world, but he also has firsthand experience with the difficulties business owners face when attempting to grow their online presence. Over the past two decades, Edgar has helped hundreds of diverse clients devise comprehensive web-marketing strategies that enhance visibility in searches, enable them to better connect with their clients, and increase conversions.