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SEO Consultant Insights

Managing and improving a website is a difficult and continually evolving process. After two decades of helping hundreds of clients improve and manage their websites, Matthew provides his unique insight and advice.

Three Ways to Improve Prompts in ChatGPT & Other LLMs

Here are some tips and example prompts to help you get the most out of ChatGPT, Google Bard, Bing’s conversational search and other generative AI tools.

Languages to Know For Tech SEO

Working on technical SEO and/or web analytics inevitably will require getting into the code. What languages do you need to know to succeed?

Glossary of Technical SEO Terms

The technical side of SEO is full of jargon, acronyms, and highly-specific and technical words. What are the main terms and acronyms to know?

10 Books for the Technical Marketing Professional

Looking for something to read? Here are ten books recommendations that explore technology, how humans interact with technology, and the way technology intersects with our lives.

Website Optimization Advice

The best way to gain more traffic, more conversions, and higher rankings is by continually optimizing your website. Get advice on how to improve your optimization strategies.

Questions To Ask Before Hiring a Professional SEO Consultant

How do you know who a good SEO consultant is? The following questions can help you weed out the bad consultants, helping you to find the SEO consultant who can actually help you achieve the results you wish to achieve.

What Is A Problem?

What is a problem anyway? It wasn’t until the 1400’s when problem really began to also mean “a difficulty”.

On Being Prepared

To be a great consultant, and serve your clients well, you have to do the hard work of preparing for the expected and unexpected situations you face.

Putting Data Into Perspective

The biggest struggle with data is that it is ridiculously easy to lie and manipulate with it, even if you don’t mean to do so. Find out some ways to avoid this trap in Matthew’s latest post.

10 Years, 10 Lessons

After running my own company full time for a decade, here are some of the lessons I’ve learned about life, clients, sales, and more along the way.

What Is A Conversion? What Are Goals?

What goals and outcomes should you measure on non-profit or mission-driven websites?

User Needs vs. Business Needs: Striking the Balance

When choosing what to show on your website, should you favor the needs of your business or the needs of the people visiting your website?