Matthew Edgar

I’m Matthew Edgar and I am a web consultant specializing in web analytics, technical SEO, and conversion optimization (CRO). My focus is on helping companies analyze and optimize their website to increase leads, sales, calls, clicks, downloads, and other conversions. Along with helping clients one-on-one, I regularly speak at conferences, teach workshops and host webinars.

I began developing websites professionally in 2001, though I built my first website in the late ’90s. Over the years, I’ve had a chance to work across a number of fields, including programming, analytics, usability, conversion optimization, search engine optimization (SEO), technical search marketing, product development, and content marketing. Through this work, I’ve had the opportunity to help hundreds of clients, from the very small to the very large, in a variety of industries find new opportunities to grow their business.

In 2014, I co-founded Elementive with Andrea Streff. Elementive is a small consulting firm based in Denver, CO. At Elementive, we specialize in analytics, technical SEO, and conversion optimization (CRO). We help clients with one-time and ongoing projects, including SEO audits, analytics setup, and ongoing optimization.

Prior to founding Elementive, I helped clients as a freelance developer and consultant for 11 years.


In 2017, I published Elements of a Successful Website, which discusses a way to approach improving your website and increasing conversions. You can read more about the book or purchase it at Amazon.

In 2018, I published Tech SEO Guide, a reference guide to help marketers, developers, and programmers address technical SEO issues on their websites.

Contact Me

If you’d like help with your SEO, conversions, or improving your website, please schedule a time for us to talk with me.

Short, Official, Third-Person Bio

Matthew Edgar is a partner at Colorado-based Elementive (, a consulting firm specializing in analytics and technical SEO. Author of Elements of a Successful Website and Tech SEO GuideMatthew has worked in the web performance analytics field since 2001. He has been interviewed by Forbes, American Express, and other publications about analytics, CRO, UX, and SEO. He regularly speaks at conferences and teaches workshops, including speaking at MozCon and teaching courses with O’Reilly Media. Matthew holds a Master’s of Applied Science in Information and Communications Technology from the University of Denver and is Google Analytics certified. You can connect on LinkedIn or read his blog at

Sample Client Testimonials

Matthew’s deep technical knowledge, both in front-end development and server-side setup, make him a well-rounded SEO. He will never let you place more content on a crumbling site architecture without giving his recommendations for how to build a sturdy and sound foundation. He lays out expectations very clearly so that you understand this will be a long, continual process, but one that if executed correctly will increase the quality of your traffic. With more quality traffic, your conversion rate will improve, thus increasing your revenue potential. This above statement is a fact I can attest to in my partnership with Matthew. You will not be disappointed with his attention to detail and flexibility because in the game of SEO you always want a partner who is not afraid to experiment to stay ahead of the competition in rankings and in market share.

Ashley Hirt, Ulta Beauty

Matthew is a valued partner. He pdata-drivena driven insight, and supplements this with astute suggestions and quality ideas. I have found him in our dealings to be thoughtful and thorough, and most certainly committed to a win-win. I would highly recommend him for companies looking to evaluate their web strategy and brand presence.

Derek Lundsten, Scrimmage

Matthew is someone that think creatively and with purpose when dealing with and understanding our technical and marketing needs. He is a great communicator and wonderful to work with.

Chris Laskey, Africa Adventure Consultants

We hired Matthew to help us setup advanced conversion tracking for our site He was highly professional, taking the time to understand exactly what we are looking for, and then delivering exactly that, on time and on budget. If you need help with increasing the usability and conversions of your website then Matthew is your man.

David Waring, Fit Small Business

When I was introduced to Matthew Edgar, I was quite jaded in my opinion of those who presented themselves as SEO/SEM “experts”. But I still needed someone who could help me navigate the ever-changing internet landscape, so I contracted with Matthew and took a wait and see attitude.

I am pleased to report that we saw a significant increase in our website traffic almost immediately. Our online gift certificate revenues went up and our phones started ringing again. Working with our website designer, Matthew was able to optimize our website performance, analyze the content and make beneficial changes. I truly appreciate his respect for my time and my resources; of all the consultants I have worked with, I have found Matthew to be the most aware of the issues small businesses face on a daily basis.

If you are in need of someone to assist you with your internet marketing, I would whole heartedly recommend Matthew Edgar. I know that you will be as pleased as I have been with his results as I have been.

Virginia Cameron-Lansdale, Indulgences Day Spa

As a mom and pop type of agency I know how resources run very thin. Either we do it ourselves or don’t do it at all. When the web starting building popularity back in 2001, it was fine to create your own site. But as technology developed and more travel companies began appearing on the Internet, backyard ingenuity was not enough. I worked with at least three different SEO (Search Engine Optimization) / web companies in the past, and I have to say I was burned by all three of them. I lost faith in the web and SEO industry and felt it was all a scam. I had no clue what was going on in the web world (and still really don’t), so was easy prey for the unscrupulous web advertisers.

I have to say Matthew Edgar goes beyond all my wildest dreams in efficiency and service. There are not enough positive things that I can say about him, but this one word sums it up–AWESOME. He never ceases to amazing me. Matthew takes things analytically and responds with incredible details. His reports are specific, and he is never too busy to discuss items. Let me tell you, not having a clue about SEO and the web, I needed to ask a lot of questions (and still do). Often I would have to ask the same questions again and again, and Matthew patiently answered them all.

Since taking over our website management and SEO, Matthew has doubled our number of monthly Pageviews, tripled the number of monthly Visits, and quadrupled the number of monthly Visitors.

Alexander P. Dold, European World Travel

Matthew has been a valuable asset to the National Ledger website and its development and daily production. His expertise in making the complex understandable has helped our staff immensely, helping to keep our time more productive. When emergencies arise, his willingness to assist in those hectic situations has greatly helped in not only keeping the website online, but easing the stress of communications with other off site technical experts as well. He has also helped our website stay on top of the fast evolving search engine trends and has helped lead our staff with promotion of social media (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) and ideas on how to implement and best use those vehicles for website traffic. We continue to have a great working relationship and I can highly recommend him.

CK Rairden, National Ledger

Matthew is a great resource for inbound marketing. He also has an exceptional attention to detail, is very dependable and great to work with.

Eric Meredith, Atria

I hired Matthew after interviewing 5 different similar service providers because of his knowledge and samples of the work he had done in the past. He assisted our company developing a first class website that has not only been well received but has proved to be a good return on investment. I would recommend his services without hesitation to provide excellent service. Matthew is also a very good listener and follows up in a timely manner on all correspondence.

Keith Anderson, Terra Bella