Web Tip: Bounce Rate

Measuring your website’s bounce rate is a great way to understand the quality of your website’s traffic. The bounce rate tells you how quickly somebody left your website.

You want people looking at your website who are interested in buying your products and services. It is a safe bet that people who are interested in what you are selling will stay on your website longer. Therefore, the bounce rate acts as an indicator of how interested the people visiting really are in your products and services.

Defined: The bounce rate is the percentage of the people who come to your website and only look at one page. For example, if a person comes to your website, and only visits your “About Us” page, that person has “bounced” away from your website.

Ideal Bounce Rate: In general, people need to look at more than one page of your website to learn what you do and why your products or services are worth buying. If you have a high bounce rate that means most people are not looking at multiple pages. As a result, you want to, in general, aim for a low bounce rate.

What It Means: A high bounce rate usually means people looking at your website are not interested enough in what you do (or how you explain what you do) to click to a subsequent page. More importantly, they are not interested enough to become your customer. A low bounce rate, however, means people looking at your website are interested in your business, are willing to continue to another page and might even be interested enough in your website to become your customer.

Bounce Rate In Use: About a year ago, a company hired QW Consulting to provide ongoing marketing support. One of the first problems we detected upon reviewing the website’s performance was that the home page had a 62% bounce rate. That means only 38% of the people looking at the home page were interested enough to click to another page of the website.

In other words, the bounce rate was a clear indication that the website was not working to help create new customers. There was definite problem with the quality of the home page, and the quality of the website overall.

Knowing this, QW Consulting worked with the client over the course of the year to improve the quality of the home page. By rewriting the content, restructuring the position of links to the different pages of the website and simplifying the calls to action on the home page, QW Consulting was able to lower the bounce rate to 36%.

That means that people looking at the website were more interested in what the website was discussing. Because of this, the client begain to receive more customers from the website.

If your bounce rate is too high and you need help lowering it, contact QW Consulting today for a free website review.