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Analytics for Product Managers

Developing a digital product, like a web app, mobile app, or software can be hard work. A successful business, though, is a smart business, and that’s where data and analytics come into play. By looking at the data that is already running in your business and setting up a variety of free or low-cost tools, you can start to find new ways to improve your product and increase your customer base. This starts by reviewing how users currently engage with your software or app more deeply.

Recently, Elementive collaborated with O’Reilly Media to develop several courses on using analytics for product managers. In these course, you’ll learn different ways to measure and understand how people use your products, through each stage of your user’s journey—from initial discovery to on-boarding to repeated use. You’ll also learn how to put new ideas to the test to see what will work best for your product and your users.

Product Analytics Courses

Using Analytics to Inform Product Design: This course will act as your guide as you use data to understand your product’s user experience. You’ll learn about the process, tools and metrics that will be the most beneficial to your work as a product manager.

Using Goals to Understand Users: In this course, you’ll review the methods for setting up and accessing goal reporting, before diving deep into results-oriented techniques like goal segmenting, custom reporting, and high impact methods for integrating goals into UX analytics reports.

Using Events to Understand Users: This course explains how successful product managers, designers, and UX professionals use event tracking within their analytics platforms to best understand how users interact and behave throughout the entire user journey.

Using Split Tests to Understand Users: This course explores some of the best tools for running split tests with a focus on how to set up and run experiments in Google Optimize. In addition, the course describes the details of reviewing split test reports.

More Information

For more information, check out the top five things every product manager should know about measurement. Or, for help measuring your product’s performance and user experience, please contact me today.