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Web Analytics Tips

You can’t make good decisions without good data. Without good data, you can’t understand the problems in the technical structure of your website. Without good data, you can’t understand the right way to increase traffic and conversions. Having good data requires setting up analytics correctly–not just the default analytics code but also the advanced tracking code that lets you dig deeper into your website’s performance. Once configured, you need to know what reports are available and what questions you can answer with the data you have available.

Google Analytics Tips & Tricks

Need help getting the most out of Google Analytics? Google Analytics is an incredibly powerful tool, but it can also be difficult to understand. Watch our short tips and tricks videos for quick, practical advice for using your Google Analytics account. Watch now »

Introduction to Google Analytics

In this Introduction to Google Analytics course with Skillshare, you’ll learn how to install Google Analytics on your website, how to access basic reports, and how to schedule a weekly or monthly report email.

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Learn More Web Analytics

  • Measuring Form Usage: How can you use advanced web analytics to measure form usage? Find out in this Moz Whiteboard Friday video.
  • Analytics for Product Managers: How can product managers use analytics to improve their market reach and product usage? Find out in this series of courses I taught with O’Reilly Media.
  • How To Use Event Tracking: Learn how to use event tracking in Google Analytics to understand a website’s user experience.
  • Using Data to Make Decisions: “Big data” is on the rise and we live in an increasingly data-dependent world, but what are the best ways to use data to make decisions about our websites, content, user experiences, and online marketing?


How to Upgrade to GA4 & Should You?

How and when should you upgrade to the new version of Google Analytics, GA4? In this article, Matthew walks through the options you have to upgrade.

Event Tracking in Google Analytics

Google Analytics event tracking lets you measure different ways people engage and interact when they are visiting your website. Learn how to setup and configure event tracking on your website.

Google Analytics Screen Resolution Report

Screen resolution data in Google Analytics can be really helpful to review as you decide how to design your website, or if you’re trying to decide where to place key elements on a page. Reviewing screen resolution reports can also help you improve engagement and conversion rates. Screen resolution data helps you decide where to […]