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Want Traffic? Give People A Reason To Visit Your Website

January 28, 2013

One of the most common complaints from prospective clients is that their website doesn’t get “enough” traffic. While some people might be visiting the website, there simply are not enough visitors to make a difference to that company’s bottom line. This is especially true for small business websites which inevitably deal in smaller volume. By 2013, small business owners think (reasonably so) that their website ought to be helping them grow their business. However, without people coming to the website, business owners are left wondering why their website isn’t helping their business.

There are many reasons why your website may not be getting traffic. You can increase traffic through advertising, social media, building your brand, email newsletters, other forms of online marketing, and even offline marketing. Ultimately though, the reason your website isn’t getting traffic comes down to one simple point: you aren’t giving people a reason to visit your website.

Why Should Somebody Visit Your Website?

With millions of websites on the web, simply being online is not enough. More specifically within your industry and market (whether that is “dog walkers in Denver” or “landscape architects in Chicago”), there are probably at least a dozen other websites your customers could be visiting instead of your company’s website. In some industries, there are hundreds of websites you are directly competing against for attention from potential visitors.

With all of this competition, you need to ask yourself: why would somebody want to come to my website? What makes my website so much better than all those sites I’m competing against?

If you are unable to answer that question, in some simple and meaningful way, then very few people will visit your website. More importantly, an even smaller number of people (if any) will want to become your customer after reaching your website.

Put simply: if you want people to reach your website, and if you want people who do reach your website to buy your product or service, you need to give people a reason to come to your website in the first place.

Why This Matters

Websites can get traffic in four main ways: from search engines (Google, Bing); from other websites (the local newspaper’s site, other blogs, etc.); from social connection (Facebook, Twitter, somebody emailing a friend a link to your website, etc.); or from people coming directly to your website (typing in your URL to the address bar in their browser).

In each of those four ways, websites that people want to visit will get traffic. Search engines want to display websites people want to visit in their search results. Other websites will only send their visitors to your website if your website is worthy of a visit. People will only share your website on Facebook or other social media platforms if they think their friends will want to visit your website. People will only go directly to your website if you give them a reason to do so.

How To Give People A Reason

The best way to begin determining what people want from your website is to review the other websites you are competing against. What do those websites do for their visitors? What do those websites not do for their visitors?

For example, if you find those other websites don’t provide detailed information about the products and services you sell, you can begin offering detailed information on your website. This detailed information can help attract people to your website by giving people a reason to see that your website is unique from the competition.

Alternatively, you may find that competing website does provide a lot of information but does so in a very confusing manner or with a very text-heavy approach. On your website, you could provide similar information but in a way that was very easy for people to understand with lots of photos, instead of lots of text. Doing so differentiates your website from the competition and gives people a reason to visit your website instead of the competitor’s website.

Why This Works

Whether you differentiate your website through a cleaner design, new content, the way you present your products and services, or some other fashion, doing so will help you increase the number of people visiting your website.

How? Your website will be shared more often, whether that social sharing happens on Pinterest, Google+, or people emailing links to your content. As people start to see your website, more people will come to your website and other websites will send more of their traffic your way. That increase in sharing and that increase in activity on other websites, will also help your traffic (sometimes directly but most often indirectly) from search engines.

Get Started

If you want to begin reviewing your website and determining how to increase your traffic, please consider a free review session with me. During a half-hour phone call, we can start discussing ways to improve your website that will help give your target customers a reason to visit your website instead of visiting your competitor’s website.

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