Online product performance data is everywhere, but how can product managers put it to work to improve their market reach and product usage? To do this, you need to know what metrics are available, what analytics tools are the most effective, and why some metrics are more beneficial than others. This video series will act as your guide, showing you the tools and metrics that matter. You’ll explore product funnels and discover different ways to measure and understand each stage of a product’s journey through a funnel—from initial discovery to on-boarding to repeated use. This includes learning how to use Google Analytics and HotJar to measure specific ways users interact with your product; Google Search Console to understand what your users are thinking and how they find your product; and a variety of other tools, tricks, and techniques to help you make sense of your data, uncover powerful insights, and optimize your product and reach.

  • Understand product funnels and their critical role in analyzing product performance and user needs
  • Discover the best ways to use Google Analytics to track product performance and user interactions
  • Learn to use Google tools like attribution modeling, event tracking, and acquisition and behavior reports
  • Explore the Google Search Console and learn how it identifies user expectations around products
  • See how tools like HotJar and Crazy Egg can help you visualize and understand user engagement

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