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Crawling & Rendering

SEO begins with a robot crawling a website. During crawling, search engine robots open every page they have found a link to and fetch all the content from that page. As part of fetching content, robots need to fully render the pages by executing JavaScript files. You need to make sure robots are able to find all the pages and files on the website. As robots do find the pages and files, you also need to make sure robots can see the content on those pages and files. That includes making sure robots can execute important JavaScript files too. The resources below will help you find and fix crawling-related issues that are holding back your SEO performance.

XML Sitemap

An XML Sitemap lets you share data about the pages on your website with search engines, including information about images and videos.

What Are HTTP Headers

Learn what HTTP Headers are, how to view HTTP Headers for your website, and which HTTP Headers can affect your website’s SEO performance.

Using Log File Analysis To Improve Your SEO Performance

You have to understand how Google’s bots are understanding and crawling through your website. Learn what log files are and how you can start analyzing your website’s log files to improve your SEO performance.

Avoid SEO Problems with Dev & Staging Sites

Dev or staging sites are essential when building a new website. But staging and dev websites can create problems for SEO. Find out how to avoid those problems!

Extract URL Parameters in Bulk

If you are analyzing URLs containing parameters, this tool will allow you to extract parameters from URLs in bulk.

JavaScript & SEO

You can use JavaScript more now, without nearly as much risk to your SEO work. But this doesn’t mean you should use JavaScript for everything. Learn how you need to adjust your JavaScript code for optimal SEO performance.

What Is Web Accessibility?

What is web accessibility? What are the main factors to focus on to make your website accessible? How does accessibility relate to SEO?

Basic HTML Tags You Need To Know For SEO

When you are managing a website, there are a few basic HTML tags you need to know. The better you understand these HTML basics, the better you can diagnose problems affecting SEO on your website.

Understanding TLDs

How does top level domain (TLD) affect your website’s performance? Should you worry about what TLD your website uses?