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Elementive co-founder, Matthew Edgar is a regular speaker locally and nationally and a true leader in technical SEO. He has spoken at Mozcon, SMX, and MarTech and has also taught courses with O’Reilly Media. His approach is based on solid research – not speculation and guesswork.

Matthew believes that practice makes perfect and always delivers an in-depth, professional talk. Matthew ensures that his talk is fresh and filled with data and actionable content to help attendees gain a competitive business advantage.

Matthew’s mission as a speaker is to deliver knowledge, inspiration and humor through his personal experiences of helping thousands of clients. If you’re looking for a speaker with an unbeatable knowledge of technical SEO, Matthew will deliver.

If you’re in need of a keynote speaker, an educator for a workshop, or a guest lecturer at a university, contact him at


Professional Bio

Matthew Edgar is a partner at Colorado-based Elementive (, a consulting firm specializing in analytics, research and technical SEO. Author of Elements of a Successful Website and Tech SEO Guide, Matthew has worked in the web performance field since 2001. He has been interviewed by Forbes, American Express, and other publications about analytics, CRO, UX, and SEO. He regularly speaks at conferences and teaches workshops, including speaking at MozCon, SMX, MarTech and teaching courses with O’Reilly Media. Matthew holds a Master’s in Information and Communications Technology from the University of Denver. Learn more and connect at

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One Line Bio

Matthew Edgar is a partner at Colorado-based Elementive (, a consulting firm specializing in technical SEO.

Sample of Prior Speaking Engagements

  • MarTech 2020, Bridging Data Analytics & Tech SEO
  • Midwest Digital Marketing Conference, 2020, Real Brands, Real SEO (Panel)
  • SMX West, 2020, Technical SEO Clinic (Panel)
  • MozCon, 2017, More Than SEO: 3 Ways To Prove UX Matters Too
  • Design for Digital, 2017, Using Analytics For Design Workshop
  • IA Summit 2016
  • edUI 2014

Sample of Prior Courses & Workshops

Topics for Presentations & Workshops

All talks can be customized for marketers, designers, developers, or product managers.

  • Learn Tech SEO (2-5 Hour Workshop)
    There is so much more to SEO than keywords, rankings, and links. As Google’s algorithm gets updated and their bots get more sophisticated, the technical aspects of SEO—such as speed, mobile, schema, AMP, and more—are becoming critical pieces of succeeding online. Matthew will help participants learn what they need to do to improve their website’s technical SEO performance.
  • Intro to Web Analytics (2-3 Hour Workshop)
    In today’s world, even the smallest businesses have a wealth of information readily available to them but many people don’t realize this data exists or how to tap into it. At the end of the workshop, participants will know what tools to use and why, what reports to check and when, and how to use this information to optimize websites, apps, and products.
  • Advanced Web Analytics (3-6 Hour Workshop)
    Matthew takes participants beyond the basics to help people get more out of their analytics accounts. Participants will learn how to measure users’ behaviors through goals and events, how to use segments, how to use custom reports, and how to conduct split testing.
  • How To Work With Data (20-45 Minute Presentation)
    Data is all around us and there are hundreds of ways to use that data to help prioritize and optimize design, development, and marketing. But, what kinds of data or metrics should be used? Matthew provides a practical approach to using data and analytics, whether you are just starting or an analytics master.
  • Analytics to Measure UX (20-45 Minute Presentation)
    We all know user experience matters, but how do we prove it? Matthew will discuss creative ways companies have used advanced tracking techniques to deeply understand how people engage with our websites. Attendees will leave knowing how to adjust these types of metrics to improve their website.
  • Elements of a Successful Website (20-45 Minute Presentation)
    Making your website a success isn’t as difficult as you may think. Matthew provides an accessible and actionable approach based on five simple yet effective themes that can help to improve a website’s traffic and conversions.