I’ve spoken at a number of events and conferences, as well as presented webinars and delivered guest lectures at universities. I also regularly lead workshops and have also taught several online courses, including courses with O’Reilly Media about analytics for product managers. From audiences of dozens to thousands, my presentations and workshops discuss web analytics, technical SEO, and conversion optimization.

You can view a sample of my speaking engagements below or view some of the courses I’ve taught. You can also view slides for other presentations or watch more from me on Elementive’s YouTube page.

If you would like me to speak or teach a workshop at your event or conference, please contact me.

Matthew Edgar Speaking at Mozcon 2017

Matthew Edgar, Mozcon 2017

Upcoming Presentations & Workshops

Analytics for Your Product Team

Data is everywhere, but how can product managers put it to work to improve their market reach and product use? This course is a live, online training on June 20, 2018. This online workshop is in partnership with O’Reilly. Learn more or sign up today.

Web Analytics for Small Businesses

How do small businesses use data to improve how their website and online marketing perform? Find out in this workshop with the Boulder SBDC on May 10, 2018 at the Boulder Public Library. Learn more or register.

SEO Growth Summit

“The SEO Summit will give you insights on planning, streamlining, and improving your SEO to get more high-quality leads, better execute on your campaigns, empower your team, and improve success rates. Each speaker will show you behind-the-scenes of exactly what’s working in their businesses today.” Learn more and sign up.

Using Data To Inform UX & IA, IA Summit 2016

Measuring & Evaluating Content Strategies, 2015

Crafting Delightful Broken Experiences, edUI 2014