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Introduction to Google Analytics Goals

Introduction to Goals

How do you review goals in Google Analytics? Our quick video gives you an introduction to using goals. My next video discusses how to set up goals in Google Analytics. You can also check out my article about viewing goals by source.


In this video, we want to give you a quick introduction to goals in Google Analytics. Goals are one of the more important features, and there are many different ways to use goals when you’re looking at Google Analytics reports. So there’s no way a short video can explain everything, but after watching this video, you’ll have at least some ideas of how to begin reviewing goals on your website.

To begin, open up Google Analytics, go to the sidebar, click on conversions, then click on goals, and overview, on the overview report, you can see all the goals on your website and how they perform. The graph shows goal completions over the time range you’ve selected, and below the graph, you can view the overall goal conversion rate along with the total completions for each goal type. Above the graph, you can click on the dropdown to view all goals, you can then select just one of these to show data for only that goal. In this case, I’ll select purchase completed. That’ll reload the numbers so we can now see how that goal’s performance is over time in the graph and in the numbers below the graph.

On the overview report, you can also click source medium to view which sources brought people who converted to your website. Along with the overview report, you can also view goals as a funnel. In the sidebar, click on funnel visualization. Funnels are especially helpful for goals spanning many different steps, like an order form. You can see how many people progressed from one step to the next, and how many people left. You can also see where people left to if they left to go somewhere else on your website. In this case, 43 percent of the people who reached the cart continued on to enter billing and shipping information.

As you scroll down, you can see the last of the steps, and the total number of people who ended up completing this entire process, meaning they finished this goal and they converted. You can also view goal activity for other reports. For instance, for more details about goals by source, you can view the source medium report. On the far right of the table, is a list of goal conversions and goal completions for each source. In the same way, you can view goal activity by landing page, that way you know which pages work best to get people coming to your website to convert.

If you have other questions about Google Analytics or other aspects of measuring your website’s performance, please contact me.