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Google Analytics Traffic Sources

Traffic Sources

Learn how to identify traffic sources leading visitors to your website in Google Analytics in this quick video from Matthew Edgar at Elementive.


In this video, we’re going to quickly talk about how to identify the sources that are leading traffic to your website in Google Analytics. To locate sources in Google Analytics, you’ll wanna click on Acquisition and under Acquisition, click on All Traffic and then Channels.

Channels is Google Analytics’s high-level grouping of different kinds of sources that led people to your website. Organic search are things like Google search results or Bing search results that people clicked on. Direct traffic are people who typed your URL directly into their browser. Referred traffic are from links elsewhere on the web that led people to your website. Social represents social media channels like Facebook or Twitter.

What the Channels report lets you do is compare those different channels so that way you can understand what’s really going on with that traffic from that channel. For example, you can see that referred traffic looks at more pages while on the website and spends more time than traffic from other channels.

Along with channels, you can click on Source Medium. The Source Medium report lets you look at all the different sources that led people to your website ungrouped. So from here, you can see exactly how much traffic came to the website from Google, from Yahoo, from Bing or from other websites out on the web.

If you have other questions about Google Analytics or other aspects of measuring your website’s performance, please contact me.