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Google Analytics Shortcuts


In this short video from Matthew Edgar at Elementive, learn how to make Google Analytics easier to use with shortcuts.


In this video, we’re going to quickly review Google Analytics shortcuts. Shortcuts allow you to bookmark any given report in analytics that you wanna be able to refer back to at some point in the future. Shortcuts can be especially helpful for any complicated reports you need to refer back to. For example, in this report, we’re looking at a secondary dimension of source within our channel groupings, instead of adding the secondary dimension every time, we could just shortcut this and be able to refer back to it quickly in the future.

So let’s say that we want to bookmark this to be able to reference this report later. All we have to do in order to do that is to go up to the shortcut button above the graph. Once we click on shortcut, a window will appear and we can give our shortcut a name, and hit OK. This report will reload and take me to the new shortcut that we’ve created.

To then access the shortcut in the future, I can scroll up in the left sidebar, and you’ll see shortcuts, and under shortcuts you’ll have the new shortcut that you’ve created. You can also click on overview under shortcuts in order to view all the shortcuts without your account.

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