Google Analytics Landing Pages

Landing Pages

What pages brought people into your website? Find out how to identify these pages in Google Analytics in this quick video.


One of the more helpful reports to look at in Google Analytics is the Landing Pages report. The Landing Pages report tells you all the pages that brought people into your website. These are the pages your visitors saw first, essentially meaning these are the pages that created the first impression for your audience.

To locate the Landing Pages report in Google Analytics, you’ll want to start by clicking on Behavior, and then click on Site Content, and then Landing Pages. As you can see in this example, the home page of this particular website was the third most popular landing page. Within the Landing Pages report, you’re able to compare the various entrance pages across, not just total traffic volume, but also traffic behavior. Pay special attention to the bounce rate. The higher the bounce rate usually indicates it’s lower performing entrance page to your website.

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