Google Analytics Exit Pages

Exit Pages Report

How do you use the Google Analytics exit pages report and how can it help you increase conversions?


In this video, we’re going to discuss your website’s exit pages. Obviously, 100% of the people visiting your website are eventually going to leave, but what we want to know and what this report will tell us is if there are certain pages that make people more likely to leave than others.

So to access the Exit Pages report in Google Analytics, scroll down, click on Behavior, then Site Content, then Exit Pages. On this report, you can see which pages people are leaving your website from. You want to review the percentage of exits column because that is going to tell you the percent of people who were on a particular page who chose to leave after viewing that page. You’ll have some pages on here that you expect to be exit pages, like a confirmation page people reach after submitting a form. Other pages though maybe are supposed to lead people deeper into your website. So a large number of exits from those pages suggests they maybe aren’t working quite the way they should.

One way to make this even more useful is to look at exit pages for non-converters. We’ll add a segment for non-converters. These are the people who didn’t place an order, submit a contact form or complete some other goal. Once loaded, this will tell us which pages those people who didn’t convert left from. These pages present an opportunity to alter calls to action to get more people converting from those pages.

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