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Google Analytics Compare Date Ranges

Compare Date Ranges

How do you compare different date ranges in Google Analytics? Find out in our quick how to video.


In this video, we’re going to look at how to compare two different date ranges in Google Analytics. Once you’re in Google Analytics, on any report, you want to go to the upper right-hand corner where the data’s listed and click the down arrow to expand the calendar. You can then click the check mark next to Compare To.

Google Analytics offers three comparison options. You can compare to a custom time range, such as one two week period to another two week period. You can compare to a previous period. This is the default option. For instance, if you’re looking at the last seven days, selecting this would compare to the previous seven days. The last option is to compare to the previous year. This gives you a historical look at trends, and that’s what we’re going to select in this example.

After clicking on that option, we’re going to click on Apply, and then the report we’re looking at, in this case, the Audience Overview report, will now include comparison data. For instance, in the case of this comparison, we can see that sessions are up 112% year over year, but the pages per session have decreased almost 46% year over year.

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