Does a Website Redesign Impact SEO?

October 10, 2017

Over the last few years, we’ve helped a number of clients recover from a website redesign. Here are five stories of how the website redesign impacted their website’s organic traffic.

When Things Go Terribly Wrong

No comments necessary. Yes, analytics was tracking correctly.

When Things Aren’t That Bad, But Still Worse

This client was down year over year as a result of a failed redesign, with a few technical SEO mishaps. This redesign resulted in them missing a critical peak of traffic. In the graph, the orange line is last year, the blue line is this year with the redesign.

When Things Go Right: Preparation & Recovery

This client redesigned their website but prior to the redesign did a lot of prep work to build up organic traffic, which helped make the dip after the redesign less traumatic. Everything went technically correct with the redesign, including all the technical SEO factors being handled correctly. Yet there was still a dip following the redesign which didn’t start to rebound until 7 months after the redesign. The good news is this organization is now coming out better on the other side with more organic traffic. The only reason they are rebounding, though, is because of the hard work over the last year preparing for and recovering from this redesign.

When You Refresh Not Redesign

This client opted to refresh a few colors and fonts, instead of a full redesign. There was a slight dip after this change that you can barely see in the graph (see if you can spot it!), but largely no hit was taken.

When You Are In Redesign Recovery Don’t Stop Early

But if you do want to do a redesign and not a refresh, you have to do the work to recover. This client started working with us to do the recovery, and progress was being made, but then that work stopped prematurely, leading to them coming out poorly on the other end. Recovery work takes time—don’t stop before you are done.

Considering A Website Redesign?

Before you redesign your website, carefully consider if you are prepared to take a hit in organic traffic, and what that drop in traffic could mean to your organization. If you are considering a redesign, contact me today to talk about how you can do the prep and recovery required to make sure that your website’s redesign is a long-term success for your organization.

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