How To Decide What To Change On Your Site: Focus On Your Customers

How To Decide What To Change On Your Site: Focus On Your Customers
December 15, 2014

We all have that thing we really want to change on our website. You know what thing I’m talking about–it is that one problem area of your website that you notice every single time you look at your company’s website. It isn’t even that big of a problem. Nobody else even knows it is there.

Except you. It bugs you every single time you look at your site. You might even be tempted to ask a designer or developer to help you correct that issue. But…should you?

What are you supposed to do about that little thing on your website that bugs you? Is it worth spending money correcting it? How do you know? You need to ask yourself one question:

How does this thing affect my customers?

If that problem area does bug your customers, and you can prove that it bugs them with actual data, then–and only then–should you worry about fixing that issue. At that point, the design or development time required are likely worth the investment to correct.

Chances are, though, that the people visiting your website don’t even notice that thing that bugs you so much about your design At most, people spend 15 seconds actively reviewing a page of your site. Because this is your website, you almost certainly spend way more than 15 seconds.

In short, you should only spend your time and money fixing the things on your website that affect your customers. Don’t waste your money on fixing the things that only bug you. After all, I’m pretty sure you have plenty of bigger problems to worry about.

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