What Is Google Analytics & How Does It Work?

What exactly is Google Analytics and how does it work to track the people visiting your website? In this post, I'll answer the 25 most common questions about Google Analytics we hear regularly at Elementive.

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Crafting Delightful Broken Experiences

Like it or not, technology isn’t perfect. Technology can and will break, causing errors when it does. We’ve all experienced errors while browsing the web. Unfortunately, we’ve all experienced errors on our own websites. Maybe a server crashed and we couldn’t access a site. Or, maybe a search form didn’t give us results, even though […]

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Responding to Google Changes

Google recently changed their description length – how should we respond? And what can this change tell us about other Google changes?

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Selecting Canonical & Preferred Domains

Should you use WWW or not in your URL? What about using an SSL certificate? In this blog post, learn what a canonical, or preferred, domain is and how this can affect your SEO and user experience.

How to Use UTM Tracking

Lots of aspects are marketing can seem challenging to track--but they aren't. Find out how to use UTM tracking to measure online and offline marketing.

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Putting Data Into Perspective

The biggest struggle with data is that it is ridiculously easy to lie and manipulate with it, even if you don't mean to do so. Find out some ways to avoid this trap in Matthew's latest post.

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Rules for Optimization

Do you know the right ways to optimize your website, app, product or business? Do you know exactly what you want and how to measure it? In this post, Matthew offers five guidelines to help improve your optimization efforts.

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