What Is A Web Consultant?

Many people simply refer to me as the "web guy." In a way, this is true. Since 2001, I have been paid by companies large and small to help them with their website. However there are many things you can do with your website. Design, programming, content, marketing, hosting, managing web servers, and more.

So, what exactly do I do? I refer to myself as a web consultant. Ultimately, my job is to help clients make their website better. A good website can do okay for your business. But a great website will take your business to a whole new level. A great website gets new customers and builds loyalty to the brand.

In particular, I help clients understand what they need to be doing with their website for their business, in all areas. This includes helping clients:

Why do clients hire me? They hire me because their website is in trouble. Many times, they are getting traffic to the site, but are uncertain why the people coming to the website aren't calling to place orders. In other cases, they are confused about how their website is working or how their website fits into their other sales and marketing work. Other times, they want to start over—take the best of the current website and make something new.

What do I get for clients? For every single client, I have two main goals. First, did I help the client better understand how to manage their website to help their business? Second, did I help the client grow their business? I'm happy when I achieve one of those goals but I'm thrilled when I achieve both.

See what I mean? There is a lot I do, but there is a lot I do not do. Yes, I am a web guy. But what I really am is a web consultant and that means my job is to guide clients through the very involved process of successfully managing their website.

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