Announcing Elements of a Successful Website

Elements of a Successful WebsiteToday, I’m extremely excited to announce the release of my first book: Elements of a Successful Website. You can get it on Amazon in paperback now (update: you can also get the Kindle version).

My book focuses on practical, actionable ways of improving traffic, usability, and conversion rates for any website—big or small. At Elementive, we’re always focused on helping our clients understand what works, but more importantly, why it works (or doesn’t). This new book lays out many of the most important website design and optimization principles in ways that anyone will be able to put to use. By making even some very simple changes to a company’s website, traffic, usability, and results can often be greatly improved. You don’t have to go big to succeed.

Elements of a Successful Website reflects on the lessons I’ve learned from working with hundreds of clients in a wide range of different industries over the last fifteen plus years. The biggest lesson I’ve learned, and a central tenet of this book, is that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Every company and every website is unique. Given that, I don’t focus on absolute right or wrongs in this book or in my consulting work. Instead, my consulting work—and certainly this book—are designed to equip people who run websites with guidelines they can adjust and apply to best suit their own needs to find what is right for them.

The guidelines come down to five main themes. The book details each theme, going through the questions you need to ask while working on improving your website. Along with knowing what to change, you also need to know how to measure the results of the changes you’ve made.

It was a real pleasure planning, researching, and writing this book. It was a big undertaking, but one I’m excited to now have out in the world. I’d like to thank the many who helped along the way, including my business partner, Andrea Streff, and all of the clients I’ve had the privilege to work with over the years.

I hope you will read my book and, even more than that, I hope it can help you to make your website a success.