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high quality denver web consultantQW Consulting was incorporated in 2003 with one mission in mind: deliver high quality website solutions that help small businesses succeed. Since 2003, QW Consulting has worked with hundreds of small businesses in dozens of industries, including travel agents, real estate agents, and even a custom snow globe manufacturer. See highlights of QW Consulting's past work or get in touch.

qw consulting's history

New clients frequently ask me about the history of my company (and my professional background). If you are curious, here is a short history of Matthew Edgar and QW Consulting.

I built my first website around 1998. Thankfully that website has long since gone offline. Building the website was a ton of fun and I was hooked. I continued to build websites as a hobby until late 2000. In the last half of 2000 I got a job where I spent part of my time working on that organization's website. In fact, a large part of my job was convincing the company that "this web thing" was here to stay and worth investing in. In the middle of 2001, I was hired in my first job where I focused solely on managing that organization's web content.

Also in the middle of 2001, I started offering technology consulting services on a freelance basis. I had a few different companies around Denver-metro, Colorado as clients. At this time, I not only provided website consulting services but also general computer and IT consulting services as well. Slowly I started moving toward website related consulting. My job over the last decade has been to help small businesses build new websites, improve their existing websites, and grow their business via their website.

After two years of working on client's websites on a freelance basis, I incorporated my freelance work into an actual business in August 2003. This company would become QW Consulting, Inc. about a year and a half later. At this time, I had a few clients and few interesting projects. However, in the early 2000s, QW Consulting was only a part time job for me. I would work for QW Consulting during the evenings and weekends. During the day, I was employed as a web content manager where I helped with website marketing efforts.

In the summer of 2007 I quit my full time job. Since then, I have worked full time for QW Consulting. By 2007, I had more than enough work at QW Consulting, including web development and web marketing projects. I knew that I could get even better results for my clients if I worked at QW Consulting full time.

Since June of 2007, QW Consulting has grown, I have added new services to help client continue to succeed, and I have delivered some terrific results to my clients.

what does qw stand for?

The name of my company is QW Consulting, Inc. Not surprisingly, I get asked what the "QW" in "QW Consulting" stands for. Most people assume there is a cool and interesting explanation.

Officially, the "QW" stands for nothing. However, it has its origins in the following:

  1. Quality Website Consulting — is probably the closest to what it officially stands for. One of the core services provided is developing high quality websites for my clients.
  2. "Q" and "W" are the first two letters on a standard QWERTY keyboard. The history of the QWERTY keyboard is actually pretty fascinating, especially the study of letter pair frequency.
  3. The last reason for "QW" is quite simple: "QW" sounds cool.

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