About Matthew Edgar

Matthew Edgar

I’m Matthew Edgar. I specialize in helping companies take a data-driven approach to making their website easier to access and use. In doing so, I help my clients discover what type of website and what types of online marketing will help get more customers from their website.

Since 2003, I’ve owned and operated QW Consulting, which helps with all aspects of user experience optimization. In 2014, I founded SpringTrax, which is a tool that helps companies find and fix every 404 not found error on their website. In 2015, I co-founded Elementive Marketing Solutions, which helps companies transform their marketing by combining user experience with online and offline marketing.

If you need help getting more customers from your website, please contact me to request a free, thirty minute phone call. During the call we can discuss what is working, and what isn’t working, with your website and online marketing.

Short, Official, Third-Person Bio

Matthew Edgar helps companies grow by optimizing their website and their entire online presence. Since 2003, Matthew has owned and operated QW Consulting, a usability and marketing firm located in Littleton, Colorado. Matthew is also the founder of SpringTrax, which helps webmasters find and fix every broken page on their websites.

Contact Info

Email: m@matthewedgar.net
Phone: 720.221.7961
Twitter: MatthewEdgarCO