Matthew Edgar

I help companies grow by analyzing and optimizing their website, online presence, marketing, and overall user experience.

Over the last 15 years, I’ve helped hundreds of companies get the data they need to attract a wider audience, better engage with that audience, and convert more of that audience into paying customers.

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Latest Blog Posts

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Are Your Visitors Ready To See Your Price? June 15, 2015 - Will showing a price on your website help to drive more leads? Or, will showing the price scare aware potential customers?
Diversify & Own Your Traffic June 2, 2015 - How do you prevent losing traffic when Google makes a change to their ranking algorithm? You must work to diversify & own your traffic.
Top 5 Questions To Ask When Reworking Your Website’s Content May 26, 2015 - There are our times in a business when you realize your website is disconnected from your customers. Typically this happens early on in your business: you are new, but not brand new…you’ve been down the road enough, tried a few things, and now have a clearer direction of who you are and how you fit