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    Matthew Edgar. Web Analytics & Technical Marketing Consultant.

Hi! I’m Matthew Edgar and I’m a web consultant based in Denver, Colorado. I specialize in web analytics, technical search marketing, usability, and conversion optimization. Since 2001, I have helped companies grow through a process of analyzing and optimizing their websites and search presence (SEO).

I’m a partner at Elementive, where we help people understand how to use their analytics. I’m also the author of Elements of a Successful Website. Learn more about me. Or, if you need help understanding your web analytics or generating more conversions from your website, please contact me today.

Recent Blog Posts

What Is A Conversion? What Are Goals? April 24, 2017 - What goals and outcomes should you measure on non-profit or mission-driven websites?
The Risks Of Redesigning A Website April 10, 2017 - Website redesigns come with a risk of losing traffic, rankings, and conversions. How can you avoid these risks with your redesign?
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Guidelines for Improving Websites March 9, 2017 - What is a heuristic evaluation and how can it help you identify problems and opportunities on your website? What heuristics, or guidelines, do you use to review a website? Find out!
Announcing Elements of a Successful Website February 24, 2017 - Today, I’m extremely excited to announce the release of my first book: Elements of a Successful Website. My book focuses on practical, actionable ways of improving traffic, usability, and conversion rates for any website—big or small. Learn more about the book or order now on Amazon.

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