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    Matthew Edgar. Web Analytics & Technical Marketing Consultant.

Hi! I’m Matthew Edgar, co-founder of Elementive and founder of SpringTrax. I’m a web consultant, based in Denver, Colorado. I specialize in web analytics, technical search marketing, usability, and conversion optimization. Since 2001, I have helped companies grow through a process of analyzing and optimizing their websites and search presence (SEO). Learn more about me. Or, if you need help understanding your web analytics or generating more conversions from your website, please contact me today.

Recent Blog Posts

Testing Changes On Your Website December 2, 2016 - To improve your website, you need to constantly make changes. But how do you test that changes? Learn about split tests and time comparison tests to see which one is right for you.
Landing Pages & Exit Pages October 12, 2016 - How do you know which pages will have the biggest impact on conversions? Learn about how to use your landing pages and exit pages as part of CRO.
On Being Prepared October 1, 2016 - To be a great consultant, and serve your clients well, you have to do the hard work of preparing for the expected and unexpected situations you face.
Information Foraging: Engagement & Conversion Optimization September 22, 2016 - As you optimize your website for conversions or engagement, learn why to think of visitors to your website as lazy hunters looking for prey.
Anything But Average September 9, 2016 - Your website is anything but average. Stop using average numbers when making decisions. Instead, find the more specific numbers to track performance.

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