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Hi! I’m Matthew Edgar. Over the last 15 years, I have helped companies take a data-driven approach to analyzing and improving their organization’s website, marketing, and overall user experience. The work I do helps companies attract and retain more customers, resulting in significant business growth.

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Data Analysis Traps April 17, 2015 - I firmly believe that analyzing data and running tests are the only sure fire ways to successfully improve your marketing. That means taking the time to really understand your data and run the right kinds of tests. However…when reviewing data and running tests, it is really easy to fall into three common traps…each trap comes from
How To Get Progress April 7, 2015 - Are you making progress and growing your company? If not, it may be an information problem.
Converters & Non Converters March 30, 2015 - Let’s say you’ve got a 5% conversion rate on your website. That means 5% of the people visiting your website are filling out your lead generation form or buying from your store or downloading your app…whatever the conversion may be 5% of people are doing that. That is great, but you’d like number to be
Why Aren’t People Converting? I Have Traffic! March 5, 2015 - You have traffic, but no conversions. What is causing that to happen? How do you fix that problem? Find out why you need to focus on traffic quality, instead of traffic generation.
What Does It Mean To Be A (Good) Consultant? February 16, 2015 - Based on my observations, I've found there are seven core tenets that make the difference between a good consultant and an okay one. What are they?