Hello! I'm Matthew Edgar.

I am the founder of SpringTrax, which is a tool to help companies find and fix every broken link on their website.

I also own QW Consulting, where I work as a consultant helping companies improve their online presence.

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What I Do

I am a developer who focuses on improving the experience people have on websites.


SpringTrax helps companies find, understand, and fix every broken link (404 error) on their website.


QW Consulting

At QW Consulting, I help people develop a high-quality website that helps their business succeed.

About Me

Colorado native. Web developer. Professional nerd.

Short, Official, Third-Person Bio (For Press)


Matthew Edgar is a web development consultant at QW Consulting, where he helps companies improve their website's user experience and, by doing so, achieve real success online. In 2013, Matthew founded SpringTrax, which helps websites find and fix every broken page on their site.

Unofficial Bio

I was born and raised in Lakewood, Colorado. After graduating from college in 2003, I founded QW Consulting. At QW Consulting I work as a consultant to help clients improve their website's user experience. I take a detailed, data-driven approach to understanding why my client's websites are (and aren't) working. Through that process, I help my clients grow their business.

In early 2013, I founded SpringTrax. SpringTrax takes a new approach to broken links. By monitoring traffic on a website, SpringTrax will tell you what 404 errors visitors encounter from every source out on the web. SpringTrax then provides detailed instructions to help fix those 404 errors. In doing so, SpringTrax is able to offer a more comprehensive view of 404s than other tools.

While I specialize in user experience development, I do have a background in programming with experience in business analysis, content planning/strategy, inbound marketing (including SEO), and conversion optimization.

If you want more about what I've done and where I've worked, my LinkedIn profile has more details.

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