Matthew Edgar

Hi! I’m Matthew Edgar, a web analytics & technical marketing consultant. For the last 15 years, I have helped companies use and understand their data to find the best ways to invest in their website and online marketing. Through this work, I have helped hundreds of companies accomplish their goals while generating large returns on investment.

At Elementive, we specialize in analyzing and measuring website and online marketing performance to help companies find the biggest opportunities that will lead to more traffic and more customers. If you need help measuring how well your market performs, please contact us.

Latest Blog Posts

On “Keeping It Simple” (Except When You Shouldn’t) November 2, 2015 - When I was first starting out as a consultant and developer, I fell into a pattern that many rookie consultants and developers fall into: I helped clients build out rather complex systems only to find weeks, months, and years after those systems went live that few clients were using the system. To the extent they
Find Your Own Way October 14, 2015 - One of the most challenging aspects of marketing is knowing what kind of marketing you even need. There are so many options and so many networks you can utilize to reach potential customers. It is great, but it is massively overwhelming. Unfortunately, in light of all these many options and choices, some companies (especially smaller
Number Fixation September 28, 2015 - What is number fixation? Let’s start with a story. Over the last year, I’ve been trying to gain weight through a new diet and exercise routine. As part of this, I have been weighing myself daily to measure the results and track progress toward my goal. For the first time in my life, I have
Are Tablet Websites Important? September 21, 2015 - We all know supporting mobile is important, but what about tablet devices? Should you build a tablet-specific website to support your web visitors?
Categorizing & Prioritizing Your Web Pages September 15, 2015 - What are the ten most important pages on your website? Find out what makes a page on your website important & how to measure the pages's value.