Matthew Edgar, Technical Marketer

Matthew Edgar at IA Summit 2016
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Who is Matthew Edgar

Hi! I’m Matthew Edgar. I’m a technical marketing consultant, specializing in web analytics, technical SEO and conversion optimization.

For the last 15 years, I have helped companies grow through a process of analyzing and optimizing the technical aspects of their websites and search presence (SEO). Learn more about me.

If you need help digging into the technical side of your website and online marketing, please contact me today. 

What Is Technical Marketing?

Isn’t all marketing technical marketing? What makes it different than anything else? While there are different definitions, I view the definition of technical marketing as the intersection of marketing, programming, user experience, and business analysis. My job as a technical marketer is to help companies improve their website’s structure so that their organization can be more easily found, accessed, and understood by users and customers. Learn more about technical marketing.

Latest Blog Posts

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